In a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks. — Mark Zuckerberg

In his book Unshakable, Tony Robbins explains his method of investing and making money regardless of how the market is doing. Although he doesn’t motivate us specifically on taking risks (more so of him talking about the consequences of pulling back), his method overall can be seen as risky for the uninitiated.

The method that he was outlining in his book was a particular investing style: one that has been used several times over by specific investors. These people who use this method are called contrarian investors.

Perhaps why the method is not widely used is perhaps this style is akin to how vultures work. These investors invest in the items that are declining while avoiding what’s trendy. This doesn’t make sense to a person looking in.

“Why would someone not invest in something so amazing and hot right now?”
That way of thinking is of a losing mindset as often times when prices are high, that’s normally when people sell. This has been seen multiple times over.

In the end, contrarian investors are indeed winners on the long-term. Not to mention any person who is willing to take risks in this changing environment. Here’s why.

You Gain A Fresher Outlook
Not everything is as it seems. Our reality is dependent on our actions, how we view the world, and how we perceive our past and past actions. When we change how we see those, we are indeed changing ourselves. This is the same case with risk and the actions that are seen as risky.

When you make bold steps in your life or shift your perception of a particular action, you gain a fresher outlook. Take for example my vlogging. Three years ago I gave up on vlogging on my Youtube channel. The reason for that was I was going nowhere and it was getting very repetitive.

However two weeks ago, I started vlogging again. The main reason is because I’m making changes. True my situation hasn’t changed dramatically, but what has changed is my mindset. It’s why I see vlogging now as something fresh as opposed to back then, a complete waste of time.

This fresh outlook can be used to your advantage. In order to be successful, many people have proven time and again that you need to change how you see yourself and your actions as well.

Oprah was pregnant with a stillborn at the age of 13.
Harrison Ford was a nervous guy who had a voice for radio. But that was it.
J.K. Rowling was a single mom living off of welfare.
We know those names now because they changed how they saw their situation and how they viewed themselves.

And that was indeed a fresh outlook on themselves and the world around them.

You Develop Hyper Focus On Your Problems
Ignore the noise, focus on your work. — Anonymous
Taking risks and pushing our comfort zone doesn’t mean we never hit problems or snags. If you’ve ever stepped out of your comfort zone or taken a test before you know that you’ll make mistakes. What matters most in our lives though isn’t that fact, but how we deal with the problems and mistakes that stem from it.

While many people shift the blame or justify their mistakes, there’s no denying the mistake and the problems we create were because of us. The individuals I mentioned above as well as thousands of other people realize this. So instead of justifying to never take risks, they focus on what went wrong.

In other words they asked questions:

“How can I fix this?”
“How can I afford to do this?”
“Where do I want to go with my life?”
“What is my end goal here?”
It’s important for us to learn from our mistakes.

Any person in self improvement will tell you that.

But I believe what sets people apart from the ordinary risk takers is the sheer amount of focus a person has when dealing with problems.
It’s like what Charles Duhigg talked about in his book Smarter, Faster, Better with the spotlight analogy. This technique was used to save flight 32 from disaster.

For many people, it’s easy to say they focus on problems when they happen. Our brain is much like a spotlight. However the difference between airplane crashes and what was used in flight 32, was how this spotlight worked.

When trained, our spotlight can scan the area and identify problems with ease.
But if it’s not, and something sudden happens, our focus, the spotlight, will wander all over the place.
The risk takers in this game will win as they will slowly develop this technique. When you take risks in your life, problems and mistakes are bound to happen. So it’s important to train ourselves to pay attention to the sudden things in our lives, as risk-takers.

When we don’t, we get scattered and create more problems for ourselves.

They Are All Learners
Once you stop learning, you start dying. — Albert Einstein
Above all, risk takers are guaranteed to win eventually because they are learners. Not only do they deal with problems and approach things differently, they also learn from those experiences.

The more that we learn the more that we have to learn. This is something the rich, successful, and the growers understand. It’s why those who are successes in the making are people who are reading books, and learning from mistakes. The same can be said for the people who are rich.

A sign of success or potential success stems from the lifestyle that they lead. You won’t see a successful person working a day job and coming home to watch Netflix all night. You’ll see a successful person working a day job and coming home to hustle some more or read a book.

How we see entertainment is different to those who have already made it. They’ll read books, do exercising, and so many other things that the average person wouldn’t consider as daily entertainment.

They would prefer movies and TV shows, but also stop learning after university or college. So if you are dreaming of being successful some day, cut back the hours of entertainment and spend that time on your hustle or sharpening your skills.

What It Takes To Be A Risk Taker
Being a risk taker is easy on paper, but to follow through with it day in and day out is demanding.

You have to strive to learn and break the habits that don’t serve your betterment.
Furthermore you’ll have to shift your outlook on life and your approach to problems.
And lastly, you’ll certainly need to train yourself to focus both on your hustle but also when you make mistakes.
But the glue that keeps all of this together is honestly confidence.

Through confidence you can learn to slowly believe in yourself that you can do this. That you are able to recreate yourself on a whole other level.

Again, some of the most successful people of our time come from bleak backgrounds only to rise up. Not to mention these days it’s a lot easier to achieve stardom from the many free platforms and services that companies can provide through technology.

The only thing that is truly holding you back is your confidence in the ability to take that leap.

So take it, you have nothing to lose.